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Company History
In 1892 Standard Printing & Office Supply was founded by Louis N. Giroux at 216 East State Street, Marshall, Michigan. From steam to electricity, from letter press to laser, from photocopies to fax machines, from ledger books to high speed computers, we’ve been right here through it all learning, growing, caring and above all else, providing service for our friends and neighbors in Michigan.

A lot has changed from the days of the steam powered Golding Jobber printing press of Louis Giroux and the hand crank cash register of the turn of the century Standard Printing & Office Supply. Standard with its state of the art electronic, pre-press, digital four color offset press, one and two color presses, high-speed computers, intricate and informing Internet Web technology these are the tools of the 21st century. One thing that has not changed is the friendly old-fashioned customer service of Standard Printing & Office Supply’s dedicated staff.

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